Windows Desktop Program Problems

I don’t have any issues with the win app currently very over specced on hardware with 3700x, installed on SSD and 32gb ram. But previously on a old i5 with 8gb ram and mechanical HDD ran fine but the app has changed since then.

Spec requirements has always been low and any issues I’ve had have always been related to something else. Normally dongle or extra software.


Sorry, couldn’t refrain myself. Anyway - do yourself a favor, a 1TB SSD is really cheap these days, much faster load times, no more disk fragmentation, done.

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I wasn’t clear.
I went and checked last night and still had Garmin Express on my laptop.
I removed it, along with about a dozen other (mostly Microsoft add-ons that they sneak in) last night and rebooted.
I didn’t have time to try a ride so hopefully I’ll get to it tonight.
Thanks for the information.

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:+1::+1::+1:Funny you say that. I was thinking about making that upgrade. I did it on another old laptop I have and the change was night and day.

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