TR Windows Blacking Out

I road Monitor this morning consisting of six rolling intervals. The TR software updated about 1.5 weeks ago. Today towards the end of two intervals the TR app went totally black. I killed and restarted both times. TG TR crash/workout recovery is solid.

Has anyone else encountered this? I’ve never had this with the Android edition.

I actually had this happen on a cheap windows laptop I have with win8. But between the MacBook Air I generally use and iPads I also have available I didn’t really give it much extra thought.

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I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been having crashing issues with your TR android app :pensive:.

Could you please report this to our Support Team at so that our team members can take a closer look into this issue for you? They have the ability to view crash logs that will help paint a more complete picture of the cause of the crash.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m using a very skinny Win 10 laptop, I’m unable to upgrade due to storage constraints. That’s probably it.

Android app is solid! I will submit my Win 10 situation later. Thanks!