Will Workout date load from Garmin connect to TR

Just a warning, Im new to TR so I am learning. I have a early model power meter Cyclops rear hub that works great with my garmin 1000. When I complete a workout and it loads to garmin connect, will it also load to TR so all my date will be viewed in the TR app?


Check out this article and see if it does what you want.

OK, I think I have that solved. Is there a way to push TR workouts to my garmin 1000 or do I need to use both my iphone and garmin while training?
Thanks Again.

When training inside, all you need is your iPhone connected to your sensors to be able to train. Upon completion of your workout, the data will sync with Garmin Connect as long as you have RideSync enabled. You head unit is not needed for this process.

When riding outside, on the other hand, you have the option to push your workout instructions to your head unit to follow along with out on the road. You can learn about the process here:

In this case, you are not using your iPhone to train; you’re just using the head unit.

I hope this helps!

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