TR sync to Garmin Edge 820

Is there a way to sync your calendar from TR to a Garmin head unit. I got it to sync only one workout

Hey @jeff_byars!

If I understand correctly, are you asking if there is a way to push all your scheduled TR Workouts to your head unit?

Then no. However, TR scheduled workouts will be pushed to Garmin 2 days in advance. And workouts scheduled more than 2 days in advance will be “Scheduled for Garmin”, and won’t appear on Garmin Connect yet.

There is more info on how to push a TR Workout to your Garmin head unit here:

And how the Activity Sync between TR and Garmin Connect works here:

For some reason I can’t even get a single workout to push.

If it’s Obelisk you are talking about, try now!

Make sure you’re opening Garmin Connect app so it then syncs to your head unit :slight_smile:

All your other Outside Workouts are showing “Scheduled for Garmin.”

Interesting. I will check it out when I’m done at work. I certainly appreciate your help with this process.

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Hey @jeff_byars! Were you able to check things out?

I wanted to make note of your ride on March 13th labeled Evening Ride, since it looks like it got matched to the scheduled TR Outside workout for that day, but the power readings/time doesn’t match the workout’s instructions.

This probably happened because once you set a TR Workout to Outside, it will automatically match the first ride file that gets uploaded to TR (thinking you completed the prescribed workout, and that’s the ride file for it).

You can tell the TR Outside workout got matched to the outside ride file by the TR logo on the upper left corner of the workout card:

Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 9.08.04 AM

When this happens we recommend un-matching the ride file from the TR Outside Workout since it can signal Adaptive Training that you completed that workout and bump you to higher Progression Levels when you actually didn’t.

You can un-match the ride file by clicking on the ride>>Associated with Jumba Kang>>Mark as Unplanned Activity.

Thank you I was able to go into workout and sync it from there. Not sure if the rides in the calendar are going to sync yet or not.

Looks like they are because I just checked my Garmin Connect and I have one scheduled for Sunday.
Thanks for helping a technological challenged old man

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No worries! Glad is all working now :slight_smile:

Thanks again Nice you figure it out and I tested positive for Covid today. Serious recovery in my future.

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Hi, replying here as it’s the most recent post on pushing to Garmin.

The first workout of a new Plan Builder plan doesn’t get pushed to Garmin if it’s on the next day.

I restarted a plan last week : created on Tuesday, with the first workout on Weds. All workouts were set Outdoor. The first workout was not pushed to Garmin, until I dragged it to a future day, then dragged it back to Weds.

As there was an easy fix, and I don’t have a problem I’m posting here instead of mailing support in case it helps anypne else (and because I always feel daft opening a ticket and saying it can be closed immediately and then getting followup mails anyway)

Thanks! (and Jeff - hope you’re feeling better :grin: )