Feature Request - Enable One-Way Sync of Outdoor Rides with Garmin Connect

I use Garmin Connect as my main “repository” of cycling data, which I then sync with Strava and TrainingPeaks. I use the TrainerRoad app to drive my erg for indoor rides, but collect the data from the session onto my Garmin head unit (L/R power, etc.) for analysis and tracking.

I disconnected GC and TR to avoid doubled-up rides on both platforms. This works fine for indoor rides, as TR has “its” ride, GC has one of its own, and they match. Unfortunately, I now have to manually upload outdoor rides to TR because re-linking the accounts will pull the last 30 days’ indoor rides across both ways.

I would like to be able to sync outdoor rides to TR from GC without receiving TR indoor rides back.

As an alternative, it would work to have a toggle to only sync new rides and prevent the sync of historical data if desired.



OK so I just reconnected my Garmin account to my TR account.

I waited for more than 30 days since my last indoor ride, in the hope that i wouldn’t pull any previous indoor rides into my Garmin account that would duplicate those already there.

There were options to select whether or not to send workouts and/or activities from TR to Garmin after all. While I didn’t see this in the instructions, and I haven’t yet confirmed through use, it does appear that the functionality I requested already exists.

Thanks, TR!

Where du you configure TR not to send data to Connect and only pull data ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I did it, so am a little fuzzy on exactly the steps, but I (think I) followed the steps in here Garmin Connect – TrainerRoad and then set the Garmin Connect app options like this (activities from TR to Garmin “off”):
My Stages power meters and Garmin HRM are each paired with my Garmin Edge (via ANT) and also with the TR app on my phone (BT) so that the TR app can drive my Tacx trainer. Note I have to start the Garmin recording manually - it doesn’t “know” that TR is involved.

After a ride, TR has its version of the workout and Garmin has its own as well. There is no lap data in Garmin unless I hit the “lap” button where intervals start and end. Not a big deal, though, as the info is still on TR if I ever want it.

The Garmin version of the workout does not show up in TR when it syncs back. I am assuming TR sees it as a duplicate and ignores it, as they overlap by all but a second or two since I start/stop the Garmin manually.

Hope this helps

Thanks very much!!! :pray::pray:

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