Feature Request - Enable One-Way Sync of Outdoor Rides with Garmin Connect

I use Garmin Connect as my main “repository” of cycling data, which I then sync with Strava and TrainingPeaks. I use the TrainerRoad app to drive my erg for indoor rides, but collect the data from the session onto my Garmin head unit (L/R power, etc.) for analysis and tracking.

I disconnected GC and TR to avoid doubled-up rides on both platforms. This works fine for indoor rides, as TR has “its” ride, GC has one of its own, and they match. Unfortunately, I now have to manually upload outdoor rides to TR because re-linking the accounts will pull the last 30 days’ indoor rides across both ways.

I would like to be able to sync outdoor rides to TR from GC without receiving TR indoor rides back.

As an alternative, it would work to have a toggle to only sync new rides and prevent the sync of historical data if desired.



OK so I just reconnected my Garmin account to my TR account.

I waited for more than 30 days since my last indoor ride, in the hope that i wouldn’t pull any previous indoor rides into my Garmin account that would duplicate those already there.

There were options to select whether or not to send workouts and/or activities from TR to Garmin after all. While I didn’t see this in the instructions, and I haven’t yet confirmed through use, it does appear that the functionality I requested already exists.

Thanks, TR!