Syncing indoor workouts from TrainerRoad to Garmin Connect


I’m trying to upload my training plan from the TrainerRoad-app to Garmin Connect, but I’m experiencing issues. I want to be able to use my Garmin Edge paired with the power meter on a Stages indoor trainer to complete workouts from TrainerRoad, is this possible?

I’ve searched a bit online, and it seems like it’s possible to sync outdoor workouts to Garmin Connect, but I haven’t found anything about syncing indoor workouts. The problem I’m facing is that for example the ramp test is not possible to run as an outdoor workout.

If anyone knows a way to fix this let me know. It’s greatly appreciated!

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The outdoor workouts are just outdoor versions of the indoor workouts. You just mark any ride “outdoors” and it will send it to your head unit before the ride. I know there were some rides that didn’t have outdoor equivalents yet, but they said they were working on that, so if it’s not done yet, hopefully soon. I’m guessing the Ramp is just an outlier.

What @Pbase said and I’m adding some TrainerRoad material to the mix…