Syncing indoor workouts from TrainerRoad to Garmin Connect


I’m trying to upload my training plan from the TrainerRoad-app to Garmin Connect, but I’m experiencing issues. I want to be able to use my Garmin Edge paired with the power meter on a Stages indoor trainer to complete workouts from TrainerRoad, is this possible?

I’ve searched a bit online, and it seems like it’s possible to sync outdoor workouts to Garmin Connect, but I haven’t found anything about syncing indoor workouts. The problem I’m facing is that for example the ramp test is not possible to run as an outdoor workout.

If anyone knows a way to fix this let me know. It’s greatly appreciated!


The outdoor workouts are just outdoor versions of the indoor workouts. You just mark any ride “outdoors” and it will send it to your head unit before the ride. I know there were some rides that didn’t have outdoor equivalents yet, but they said they were working on that, so if it’s not done yet, hopefully soon. I’m guessing the Ramp is just an outlier.

What @Pbase said and I’m adding some TrainerRoad material to the mix…

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This is an older threat but is would be nice to schedule an indoor TR workout also to the Garmin Connect calendar.
I use the Garmin Connect as main calendar to plan all my cycling and core activities. When I plan my week I have to use the TR calendar and the GC calendar to overview all the activities. Or are there other options?


Resurrecting this post. Any chance at syncing the indoor workouts to garmin connect/

We don’t have any plans to do so at this time.

Completed TR Indoor Workouts can be synced with GC, as well as TR Outside Workouts as already discussed above.

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Just a thought here @ZackeryWeimer that maybe you can pass on to the dev team. I don’t plan to ever ride a trainer indoors (it is a horrible experience I never want repeat, sorry to those that enjoy it). But I need to do ramp tests. So…could you please solve for that scenario?

If it’s possible to sync other workouts, seems like the development needed to allow a Ramp Test to sync would be trivial.

If you need a customer experience story to go along with this development request, try this: I’m brand new to trainer road, training for a specific event, bought a power meter just to use the TR service. Got all kitted to go do my first TR ramp test, and doh. No go. Can’t sync the workout. It’s not on my Garmin. Spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to sync workouts from TR to Garmin, All the while reading over and over in the TR docs to just find " 1. Select “Ride Sync” from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen." over and over. Turns out those docs are for folks using a computer, not those handy iphone apps that don’t have “left-had side of the screen”. So went to the computer, after changing out of my kit because I’m out of time now. tried to sync workouts again using the instructions. Find one workout in a couple days, but nothing for today. I can see the Ramp test on my TR calendar today, but it’s not in garmin. Login to Garmin on my computer, on my phone, and on my garmin device. no workout. So I dig further. Looks like I’m not crazy, it’s not ever going to be there. I learn I can’t use my Garmin. Plus I don’t have a phone strappy thingy to attach my phone to my bike for riding outdoors, because who does that? I guess I will whip out the duct tape later and figure something out.

Anyway. Just some hot tips. Would love to see that solved as there seems to be no real good reason not to have it solved already. Especially considering it’s a major hurdle for new users. Might be a good idea to smooth that out so new users don’t cancel?

Hopefully the subsequent experiences with TR goes better once I figure out this ramp test thing.

Hey there! The testing process for outside-only athletes is something we can smooth out for sure. Let me know if you hit roadblocks anywhere else so I can share that with the team too.

Here’s what we’d advise in the meantime:

8-Minute or 20-Minute Test: Either of these FTP assessments would be a better fit for outdoor riding. One doesn’t need to follow power steps like in the Ramp Test, so it’s “easier” to settle into a sustainable power for the duration of the effort without needing to keep quite so laser-focused on the power target. The following articles have more specific instructions on completing the 8-Minute or 20-Minute Tests that would be useful to know when performing them outside:

Unfortunately, we don’t have the 8-Minute or 20-Minute Tests available as Outside Workouts at this time. Our Outside Workouts are built based on predefined power targets, and as fitness assessments are about finding an “unknown” or “undefined” power value, we don’t currently have a way to push those workouts to a head unit. That said, you’ll be able to complete the 8-Minute or 20-Minute Test by following the instructions in the articles I listed and using your trusty Lap Button on your head unit.

We’d recommend against using the Ramp Test for outdoor fitness assessments. Each power step needs to be precise as things ramp up, which can be tough to do out on the open road, and the fact that it has to be done until failure can potentially make things dangerous as you get kinda cross-eyed near the end of the test.

Hopefully this helps you out! We appreciate your feedback and please feel free to reach out to me or TR Support for any other issues – we’d be happy to help!