Why-Not-Chee Gravel Unravel

Anyone doing this weekend in WA state?

I’m doing the long course: Gravel Unravel Why-Not-chee, Long Course, 78 mi, 8,200' - A bike ride in Grays Harbor County, WA

Current stats:
FTP: 282
Weight: 74.45kg
CTL: 71
Planned TSB on race day: +10

Using this as a training race for Gran Fondo Winthrop in September. Gran Fondo Winthrop - A bike ride in Winthrop, WA

Not doing this one. I did the Hohly roller by the same promoter a couple years ago, and have done GFW several times. I’m sure it will be a good event. Possibly even dry. GFW is great (and hard).

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What was your setup for GFW like?

I use a 29er hardtail, with a rigid fork, and fast mtb tires. I’ve never regretted it on courses like this. Actual gravel bikes are faster on some of the climbs for sure, and the pavement. But there is enough very rough gravel that I don’t think I’d be any faster on a drop bar bike.

I do ride a regular gravel bike for the other Vicious Cycle events.

Very nice. I’m hoping my Cervelo Aspero with 40mm tires can make it.