US Gravel Races

Does anyone have any recommendations for a light gravel race in the US? I’m limited to 32mm wide tires.

Check out There’s a whole page dedicated to gravel. I’m considering the Conquer the Mountain race / ride on 16 Oct but am also limited to 32mm.

Not to sound like a d*ck, but why do you think you are limited to 32mm? Is this what your frame manufacturer is stating, or you have tried larger tires and there simply isn’t room?

Manufacturers have to state a certain amount of clearance between their frames / tires for CPSC regulations, but you can squeeze at least one size up from that on most bikes. Depending on what bike you have, you could even potentially fit a 35 in there.

How do you feel about riding in Colorado in February?

The 50k is one of my favorite races all year. It might be beautiful and high 50s… it might be single digits.

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Just rode Thunderhawk Wide Open in Lemmon SD. Great courses, small race, the town support is over the top. Could be on your 2023 schedule. It will be on mine.

Steamboat Gravel!

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Where in the US?

Tons and tons of races in the Midwest that you can attend.

If you are near Michigan there is an entire race/points series.

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