Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder (OTGG)


I’m currently training for the 2024 OTGG and getting ready to enter the Master’s Specialty Phase…has anyone done OTGG in past years? If so, did you use the Climbing Road Race or Gran Fondo option?



Check out post 16 and 23 from @Flamingo for some info and pics. I’ll be interested to hear from other people who have done this since it’s on my bucket list of races (maybe 2025?)

I rode it in 21. At 3.2 w/kg from Florida mid 50’s and somewhat limited training it was very tough. Very awesome though. I clearly needed a few more long rides in training.


Did it last year. 4.25 w/kg averaged 11 hrs a week. I was 15th overall with 9? Pros in the race. I was beyond stoked. I came into form on the second day, and was too fresh on the first day, but I dont think i’d do it any different TBH. The course direction is reversed from last year (meaning less climbing) last year was 350miles/35000ft elevation. It was a 25hr week for me. Unless youre riding 20hrs a week avg, it is brutally hard. But it is so far beyond worth it, no matter what fitness level you’re at. Hands down the best experience I’ve ever had on a bike. It is an amazing experience. The promotor, the course, the food, the people…absolutely epic. You will feel like a pro rider getting catered to for a week long stage race. No other experience like it.

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There you go, both ends of the race loved it so they’ve got something special going out there.