Belgian Waffle Asheville 2020

Welp, took the plunge and signed up, so figured we could have a thread for prep. Was super stoked to see Asheville added.

Who else is in? Any locals? I’m reasonably familiar with Asheville, have some friends there and have been a few times. Definitely would love input on the possible gravel sectors and how gnarly they could.

Hope to see a few TR forumites there.

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It’s very likely they’re going to be using FS 1206 which connects the Mills River area to Brevard, from there the 140 mile option will drop into the Saluda grade. The gravel closest to the brewery is pretty rough gravel. Still, it’s not the most technical gravel I’ve ridden and a normal gravel or cross bike is going to be the pick. Bring tires that won’t flat.

I’m skeptical on the route in general. Check out Pisgah Monster Cross and the Dirt Diggler for some other options in the region. Much shorter distances but the PMC is almost all gravel I think. I’m betting the BW route is a lot of road.

This looks like a great time if you’re looking to check out the area and want the full on cyclist-tourist thing. Glad to see another great event on the local calendar too!

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I’m in for the Waffle too! I’ve done some mtb riding in the area but no gravel rides. Looking forward to the challenge. Redoing my training calendar now with plan builder to add the event. Will see what the schedule says and then add a long weekend ride. Wondering what others are doing for training???

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I’ll be there! Stop by the Science in Sport tent and say hello!


90 miles of road is what they claim. I’m curious how they are going to break the gravel up, as there are supposedly 20 gravel sectors. I imagine they will have to dip in and out of certain trails multiple times to accomplish that.

Luckily I was already gearing my training to this type of ride. Lots of very long low SS intervals with low cadence training.


I’m looking into it and am going to try to make it up there. Will stop by and say hello if I do

Did you have to be a usac member?


How do you think G-One Speeds would hold up on those fire roads? There’s an awful lot of road riding in this thing, using a full gravel tire is daunting.

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Awesome! Will be great to meet !

Brendan John Housler

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Yeah, that course is going to lend itself to an impossible tire choice. I think you should run something a bit more assertive, my mind goes to a center file tread/semi slick with side knobs. Forgive me because I’m not current on gravel tires now. I would also suggest going wider.

My logic - what’s slower? A slightly wider file tread or changing a flat?

I’m also just making my best estimated guess on the route, I just don’t see how they couldn’t use that road. FS1206. It’s possible they would take you on a longer road route to start and use the gravel roads near and in the DuPont State Forest, they’re also pretty chunky.

Well they make a G One Speed up to 38, but I’m definitely not going that wide. I have WTB Exposure 34 on the bike currently, could stick with that I guess, but they definitely sacrifice on road.

My wild guesstimate is they are slow enough that they are probably worth 2 flats?

I’ve some speculation about the Cedar City course, has anyone seen anything about Asheville?

Just saw this has been bumped to May 16, 2021. Have visited the area a few times and done road (Mt. Mitchell) and a few mtb rides… awesome place to ride.

I’m considering signing up now and getting my training plan/schedule lined up. 144 miles is no joke for me. However, I know there’s at least some non-trivial chance it will get canceled or rescheduled due to COVID. Now I’m “waffling” back and forth on whether to sign up or wait a while.

Curious to know what everyone else is doing for events next spring/summer? You taking the plunge or playing “wait and see”?


This, I am signed up for a local MTB race in a few weeks that I’m not too concerned about - I’ve done the race many times and it fans out immediately. I passed on all gravel events so far. Too much group riding in tight packs for me still.

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Well, my reg got kicked over to the new May date from last year. So I’m signed up, but I think that life is generally in wait and see mode right now.

I like to train, so I’m training as if it’s happening.

Thanks for your reply. I am leaning towards signing up just so that I’ll commit to training, while knowing the future is uncertain (more than usual). It’ll certainly be more training and more focus than I’ve had for a few years, which is a good thing. Thanks!

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Yep, I think that’s a good call!

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With the calendar year turning over, I’m looking forward to prepping for this!

Curious what plan y’all would be leaning to doing, and how to make the jump for 7-8 hours of racing for a regular old bike racer. Currently the mid volume works with work/family/life. I really only have an hour during the week to train/ride (rather be outside for lunch workouts than inside), but the weekends I can rise with the sun and get after it.

Are we picking the century plan with big endurance miles on Sundays?

I am also signing up for this ride mainly because it is something to look forward to - drives my training.

I put everything into Trainer Plan and this is what I got::

Sweet Spot Base I - Mid Volume - Oct 12 to Nov 22
Sweet Spot Base II - Mid Volume - Nov 23 to Jan 03
General Build - Mid Volume - Jan 04 to Feb 28 (Might change this to Sustain Power Build)
Sweet Spot Base I - Mid Volume - Mar 01 to Mar 21 (Might change this to Sweet Spot Base II)
Rolling Road Race - Mid Volume - Mar 22 to May 16
Belgian Waffle Asheville 2020 - May 16