Have you Ridden BWR: San Diego California? If so Help!

Hey guys,

First gravel race. Doing the Wafer (76 mile). Borrowing a Giant Revolt but will need to change tyres and maybe chainring. If you’ve ridden the course and have advice I’d love to hear it.

Key points.

Not planning to stop and will be racing with the intension of doing the best time I can.
I’ve never repaired tubeless. Ridden a gravel bike twice (In Montana) but have XC MTB experience 20 years ago. I’m 165lbs.


  • Tyre recommendations and whether to run 32mm or 36mm tyres.

  • What kind of penalty is 36mm vs 32mm on the road? 10w? 30w?

  • Hydration pack recommendations? And whether it’s worth taking?

  • How much of last years course did you feel like you needed a wider tyre? I hear there are some rough sections, but I don’t know if that equates to 20 min total or 2 hours total.

  • What size chain ring would you need for the road sections? I think the Revolt’s Big ring is 36t,

Course is 76.6-miles with ~6,000’ of climbing 33 miles of unroad sectors (What does that even mean?) and 43 miles of road.

Thanks in advance!

Leeeeeeeeeroy Jeeeeeeeeenkins!