First workout Breakthrough?

Just curious. I started my new plan this week. Rolling road race, low volume.
The first workout was Truchas -3 and it was labeled “Breakthrough”. It was really hard and I failed it about 2/3’s in. My question is, why would TR give me a breakthrough workout for my first one? It made me mad and I felt unmotivated. Help me understand.

Best to check in with about that - seems like something went wrong on the back-end.

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I think sometimes the system originally plans a marginal increase, PL’s below 1.0 above you current level (productive), but if you have a new FTP or just a natural decline in PL’s that same workout suddenly becomes a 1.1 increase or greater (Stretch or Breakthrough) and you end up doing it before the plan adaption that would have removed/ adapted it occurs. Its happened with me a few times, I’ve had a workout thats been ‘Productive’ all week then when you actually go to do it, it has become a ‘Stretch’ or ‘Breakthrough’

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Makes sense. Next time I’ll pay more attention to what the workout is tagged as and adjust by how I feel. Would be cool if they had a “How are you feeling today?” survey or something before the workout.