VO2 Max Adaptations removed my Openers

Adaptive Training gave me new VO2 max adaptations, and replaced my opener with a 90 minute VO2 max workout. Any help remembering the name of the original workout would be awesome. I thought it was Pharaoh but that doesn’t exist. Thanks!

You can look at the regular training plan web page, and find the current week of your plan to see the defaults (right now, we don’t know which plan or week you are in to even look ourselves).

Thanks Chad, Looking at that page I’m not sure where openers may be referenced? I checked the ‘Week 2’ tips but didn’t see anything. My understanding was that openers were outside of the normal training plan.

Oh, doh! I was thinking of regular workouts, not the openers. No idea where to find that info.

You are likely best to contact support@trainerroad.com for help with that.

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Thanks I’ll try that. I was like 99% sure it was called Pharaoh but I can’t find anything with that name

Current recommend opener:

I think it was Pahrah you’re looking for:

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Use the workout search function: ‘open’, ‘Phar’, etc.

Did you report it as an AT bug? Seems like one of those things the beta is for.

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Yes thank you!!