Why is my speed low when I have high cadence and power?

After each indoor trainer road training workout i check my analysis and see I have high avg cadence (90+) and avg power (180+) however my speed is low 20’s kph ??

I checked the “rim” size on my garmin speed unit on my wheel and it seems ok

any other ideas

Put it in a higher gear - it will spin the rear wheel/trainer axle faster.

Although you are still sitting in your pain cave and haven’t gone anywhere - your speed is zero.

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On the trainer or road? If on the trainer, I really wouldn’t worry as speed is fairly meaningless.

Also, low 20s…kph/mph/light years? :rofl:


thanks for the reply…

on the trainer and kph…

Then your speed is actually Over reading…your true speed is zero! Honestly speed on a trainer is irrelevant and pointless, just ignore it.

In TR speed is determined by the speed of the flywheel. So doing workouts in a lower gear results in a lower speed vs workouts done in a higher gear.

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