Speed in workout

Hi, really enjoying the workouts so far , one question i have given my power and heart rate my avg speed is low compared to on the road, is this just a factor in erg mode and will the training help my speed on the road when next spring arrives?

Recorded speed is based off the gear you’re training in.

You could throw your bike in the hardest gear and do 30mph in z2 and wrack up 100 miles. Does that mean you can hold 30mph on the road? Probably not.

If your power is going up that’s all that matters.



yes (If you stick with it and push yourself; follow a plan)

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damn, beat me to it.


Haha I just did the opposite. Recently inherited a smart trainer and did a 3 hour 4 x 30 min sweet spot workout in the hardest gear, big ring & smallest cog. Once the ride uploaded to strava it said I was going over 30mph and did 96 miles!!! Bigger gear, faster flywheel? It’s as if I did the workout while going down hill. I’m going to try it in an easier gear in hopes of more accurately matching my outdoor speeds just so the mileage isn’t completely out of wack.

Please report back on your experience with using a slower flywheel speed.

Personal preference, but I select my gearing based on my desire for flywheel speed and any related training effect as the #1 priority. Speed and distance are not even secondary considerations for me.

I will be interested to hear what you feel and think of the slower flywheel speed. If you end up liking the max speed flywheel, and still want to alter speed/distance, you can consider altering the wheel size entered in the TR app. You can “scale” it a bit by reducing the circumference entered and effectively reduce your speed and distance while keeping the fast flywheel.


Just finished a ride in an easier gear. I couldn’t tell the difference. Put it near the middle of the cassette. The flywheel speed still seems quite high but the “speed & mileage” weren’t preposterous this time. I’m on a Cycleops Hammer but not sure of the year.
This was a different type of workout (anaerobic) than the previous one (sweetspot) so maybe there’s a difference when spinning up to hit the cadence at the higher wattage at the start of an anaerobic effort where you don’t really have to do that for sweetspot.

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How is Speed important, when riding inside on a trainer while using ERG mode?

“Speed” on a trainer is a different thing than riding outside, where I’ve heard the motto you mention.

The flywheel feel is worth experimenting with on a trainer in ERG, and is the reason I suggest it. The flywheel is also linked to trainer “speed” but it is secondary to the flywheel effect, IMO.

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I’ve been training for years in the big ring and maybe 4 or 5 down at the back.

Since i’ve moved and i’m now having to be conscious about sound/vibration, i’m now in the small ring at the front. Got to say, i can certainly feel you get a lot less ‘help’ from the faster spinning flywheel - infact, it’s probably giving me a better workout as i almost feel like i’m having to work harder to turn the pedals… :slight_smile:

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Anyone knows what my mistake is?

Elite Suito trainer on large chainring, middle cog. Power reading is accurate (according to my legs… hehehe)

But I was watching the olympic track race during the ride… hahaha


Looks like you should’ve entered the track race instead of just watching…

Maybe the wheel diameter is massively wrong in the settings somewhere? Like a wrong unit.

Contact support@trainerroad.com and let them know. It has to do with needing a unique whee size setting because of something odd Elite does vs all other trainer companies.

Cheers guys! I suspect even going down Everest unlikely i will reach this speeds :laughing::laughing: