My Avg Speed/Distance Can't be Right

MY FTP is 149, my weight is 78.
Did a Baxter-2 with TSS40/41, IF0.63/0.64 and Strava shows my average speed as 10.6km/h.
This is definitely not correct, I know what 10.6km/h feels like.
What could be wrong?

tldr: ‘speed’ displayed on strava comes from the gear you’re pushing + cadence. Edit + set wheelsize

The true distance should be 0 if you think about it.

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Indoors or outdoors?

I’m going to assume indoors. On a turbo trainer you’re doing exactly 0mph.

Honestly though, I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not easy to get an accurate speed inside since there are so many differences to outside.

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I get it that the distance is “0” but on a Rouvy ride indoors my speed was quite accurate if I have to guestimate.
I’m not too worried. Wold just prefer a more accurate calculation. a few km/h is not bad but this seemed like 50% off

There’s really no way to accurately correlate speed / distance with trainerroad or sufferfest type training.

Apps like strava or rouvey will be more accurate as you’re riding in a virtual word as it were so they’ve put more development effort towards power vs speed. Even those aren’t very accurate though.

I wouldn’t worry about the speed figures at all, just concentrate on the power numbers :).

Opening a can of worms but on erg mode I’d even say lower speed is a better thing…

If you want to go faster then go in the big ring on a small gear.
If you want to go slowly then go in the small ring on a big gear.

Net result = zero actual speed.

The only thing you will change is the feeling of inertia, which can be handy but if, after an hour’s workout, in amongst all the other numbers it gives you it says you did 15 miles at 20mph then you can safely ignore all that as it is irrelevant.


Depends on the gear you do the workout in. An hour workout in the 34x28 gear is going to show less “distance” than the same workout done in say your 50x11. Reason being that for each rotation of the crank, the flywheel is going to cover different “distance” depending on the gear, just like outside


Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I should concentrate more on getting my pathetic FRP higher instead of worrying about going “faster” without moving :smile: