Large Variation between TR workouts

Can anyone tell me why my speed/distance is so much lower on a workout that I averaged more watts? I did just put powermatch on, but im assuming that shouldn’t affect the calculations that determine distance/speed

Did you use a different gear in Erg mode? Riding different gears will change speed in Erg mode.

Yeah most (all?) trainers in erg mode report flywheel speed independent of power. Lower gear and/or slower cadence = lower speed

A resistance trainer (or smart trainer in resistance mode with fixed resistance setting) should yield higher speeds at higher powers, but the smart trainer would still be reporting flywheel speed

@harrington @KRino I actually was in a lower gear. so I guess that explains it. So for future reference, if I’m in a higher gear will my workouts feel harder given the same wattage?

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Power will be the same so shouldn’t be any harder, but many people (me included) notice a difference in RPE in erg between high and low gears.

Try riding at FTP in your lowest and highest gears and you’ll see what I mean. Probably not big for 15 vs 20mph, but definitely for 10 vs 30 at same power. Experiment a little… you’ve got a lot of time to try different things and figure out what works best.

I think you can get used to anything over time, but it is different, and something different can be more difficult when under stress

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Gotcha thanks, I will have to try it out as see.

If you’re in Erg mode on a smart trainer, then your gearing does not matter as far as wattage goes. The smart trainer will work to keep power at target in Erg mode. Your flywheel speed will be faster or slower depending on gear, watts should be close to target for the TR workout.

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