H3 Speed or distance issues

I’ve read all the articles that say speed isn’t a thing on the trainer and traing indoors - but I want to see it when the TR workouts upload to Strava. A few of the workouts I’ve done with the new H3 are reporting way too low. It would be almost exactly what I’d expect if it was reporting miles not km. Anybody other metric folks out there having issues with speed/distance reporting on the h3?

So having read those articles have you experimented with your gearing to get closer to an indicated speed that you’d want to see?

No. It never occured to me that would work. I will give it a try. I’m still only a few days into ERG mode and sa smart trainer - so I don’t really know what I’m doing.

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Put it in the big ring in front and smaller cog on the cassette and you will get more a bigger “distance” on strava


This article explains why Erg mode makes it even harder to attribute a meaningful speed to your trainer ride:

If you ever ride in Resistance/Sim mode, you can still stick it in a bigger gear to get your ‘speed’ up, but you might need to manually lower your turbo’s resistance level in TR so you don’t have to put out too much power.

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