9 Day Week Training Schedule

Hi, new to TR to try and organise a training programme for the winter. I work 6 days on and 3 off so effectively a 9 day week or routine. The 3 off usually allows more flexibility to get outside to ride than a standard 2 day weekend.
Does anyone have suggestions how to adapt the TR programmes to such a schedule. I’d rather not operate a 7 day programme if possible as it then gets out of sync with my work days and may not let me maximise the greater time I have on my days off.

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This is one of possible changes discussed in a thread about over 60 cyclists. They are working on some things that may include this, but nothing announced yet. For now I think you’d have to manually move things around on the calendar.

I think it depends on what type of plan you’re looking to do. For example, sweet spot base high volume is all sweet spot and should be easy to periodize to a 9-day “week.” SSB-MV and most build plans have a mix on 2-3 intense days and 1-2 sweet spot workouts per 7-day week, with easier endurance rides sprinkled in between.

Is it ok to move the set workouts in a week on to different days to fit your schedule within a week or are they ordered in a particular sequence for a reason to balance training load over the week.

Also, if a plan schedules say 5 workouts over 7 days. If I spread those workouts over 9 days but add in say 2 additional rides, potentially outside. Am I at risk of spreading the plan too thinly and not getting the benefit or overreaching by adding some extra non TR rides and generally negating the whole point of doing a plan?