Two Ramp Tests back to back?

Not sure why I need to do another test in a day?

This is obviously not correct. You can just do one and skip the other. Consider using the AI FTP Detection depending on your training history available for that.

When in doubt about stuff like this, especially if you want to try and learn why it happened, it’s good to email to see what they can tell you.

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So sorry Chad. I did not mean to criticize. I love the program and am learning so much. This is my first go at a structured training regimen.

I actually thought maybe Trainer RoadRoad wanted me to re-test for some reason. I subscribe and listen/watch every podcast/Youtube episode and am a huge fan.

Working toward a second attempt at Leadville! Thanks for your help!


I had something similar happen when I changed my plan mid-season using Plan Builder.

I took the opportunity to get an AI estimate on the first one (203) and then did the ramp test on the second one (210)


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