Who knew Samsung supported ANT+?

I’ve just listened to Podcast 56 with DC Rainmaker and I’ve learned something I had no idea about. I’ve had Samsung Galaxy phones for the last 4 or 5 years and I had no idea that they supported ANT+! I have a Bluetooth PM and trainer these days but my HR strap is still ANT+.
This is great news as I can now use trainerroad on my phone without being annoyed by the lack of HR data.
Just goes to show the old saying is true. You don’t know what you don’t know!


We did. :wink:

But honestly, the fact that Samsung Galaxy phones have built-in ANT+ is AWESOME! It makes it so much easier to pair your devices with TR without having to buy a dongle and adapter and all that noise. Glad you found that out!


Yup, been using it for 3+ years with since I got my Galaxy S6. Works really well.

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I did?

I did. Used S4 for some time for TR.

They say that the Galaxy Tab A’s also have it, but you have to dig into the fine print that only one model supports it, and it’s not the one at Costco. Also there are vague references to it being gone on the Tablet after some Android update but I found a definitive answer.

Best part of Samsung phones for sure. My old S5 has become my designated training device.

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I have a Tab A where the Android update killed my native Ant+. I still haven’t heard of a work-around yet.


This is particularly true for me as I had no end of dropouts on Bluetooth so I now disable Bluetooth and use just Ant+ with my Kickr Snap, Garmin HRM and Garmin cadence sensor and I’ve never had a drop out, not once.

Superb phones - my old S7 is all I will ever need!

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Honestly, the S7 was such a good phone that it still stands up to flagship phones of the current evolution.


Note 4 user here. I’ve even been using my Note 4 as my head unit for my Powertap G3 outside.

I keep looking at the Wahoo element, garmin 520, etc.

It’s hard to pull the trigger when my Note 4 with wahoo fitness has all the power readings you’d ever want.

I have an older Galaxy Tab S I believe that supports Ant+. It’s what I use but it is starting to go on the fritz. Was looking at the Tab A’s at Costco and couldn’t find that it supported Ant+. I’ll probably move over to using the laptop but I need to make a sturdier stand and haven’t taken the time to do that yet.

Anyone have a recommendation on a Samsung Tablet that has ANT+ and enough grunt to run TR or other cycling apps?

It’s been around for awhile–you can see all the Samsung devices here (and check others if you want):

Agreed. I only got the S8 because I had to :smiley:


You have the wrong forum name, CrunchyPhone seems more apropos. :wink:


That will buff out. Loved my S7 too but my youngest dropped it on its head one too many times. I replaced it with the S9+ which is also superb. I’m not remotely tempted by the S10.


It’s the reason i go for Samsung phones :slight_smile:

I knew, but didnt know that not all “high class” phones had it.
This explains why my friends dont find using trainerroad on their phones as flawless as I do.

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