Android 10 update (on Samsung 10S) breaks ANT+ permissions?

Hi. I used to happily use my Tickr and Wattbike Atom connected to my Samsung S10 via ANT+.

However, I did the December update on the phone, and now, I’m pretty sure that I am not able to connect to anything via ANT+. Much googling does not seem to show anything untoward with the update.

Using Bluetooth there is full connectivity.

I’ve looked as far into permission as the Samsung / Android lets me, I’ve reinstalled TR so that I can take default settings etc. No fix. I can’t re-install the ANT+ modules (Plugins and Radio Services) as options are greyed out.

Has anyone else seen similar connectivity problems, or am I the only one using ANT+ …

Of course it may be TR that has an issue.

I’ve used ANTtester, and it shows all relevant bits are installed.

Ideas ?

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There was a recent post about this. Seems to be a Android 10 issue.

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Tx. It’s still difficult to find what the actual problem is…

I too did the android 10 update on the Galaxy s10plus and it will not find my hr or speed/cadence sensors. Email TR and here is their reply:

Ruthie Griggs (Trainer Road)

Dec 26, [5:35 PM](calendar:T1:5:35 PM) UTC

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reaching out to us at TrainerRoad Support! I’m really sorry about the inconvenience here.

We’ve recently run into a bug where Samsung phones on Android 10 aren’t working with ANT+ for TrainerRoad. We’re aware of the problem and currently looking into this, but I don’t have an ETA on how long it will take for us to solve this issue.

In the meantime, I’d recommend connecting over Bluetooth if possible, or using another device to use TrainerRoad on.

Again, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience here Joe. Let me know if you have any questions about any of this, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the status of this bug.

Kind regards,

Ruthie Griggs
Customer Support Expert


I ended up with the opposite. With the update, on my Galaxy Tab A, ANT+ was enabled after previously being (software) disabled.

Same issue here. Interesting when I checked I cannot connect to zwift or qalvin (for my quarq Elsa). The Elsa connects perfectly to the PC trainerroad platform so I am guessing is something to do with Android 10 for Samsung.

Garmin ANT drivers are broken on android 10 for Samsung.

I have a samsung 10s and thought it was a chest strap issue with my Tickr X. Bught a new strap, worked a few times. Now can’t get device paired. My device turns on but WahooRunFit app and Wahoo Fitness app cant pick up the signal. Ugh. I was about to buy a new device. Glad to know it’s not my device. But man, when are they gonna fox this?

Hi. I have got into the habit of turning off bluetooth when I use the Tickr and Wattbike. I’m not seeing any issues now with a Tickr and Wahoo cadence sensors on my road bikes. Another trick is to delete your pairings, reboot the phone, and try it all again. Have fun.