Ant+ signal strength what Adapters/dongles support this?

I’ve got an Samsung Galaxy S9 phone for my work cell and I’ve been using it lately to diagnose some Ant+ dropout issues I’ve been dealing with the last few weeks. My conclusion to my issues is I think my Garmin USB Ant+ dongle is starting to fail (it is 8+ years old and a first gen V2 unit that is the size of an normal USB flash drive). I ordered a replacement newer Garmin stubby looking version since that current failing one has worked well for me for a long time.

Anyways, I noticed that in TR Mobile app when using the Galaxy S9 it actually reports connected Ant+ devices signal strength the same as how cell phone signal strength is reported with 5 bars. Does other newer versions of the Ant+ USB dongles support this feature in the TR Mobile app? It be pretty cool to help determine if dropouts are due to low signal strength as a result of low battery or checking if there is other wireless interference real time affecting things. See pic I included that outlines this.

I did a search and can’t seem to find any info if other non-Samsung with built in Ant+ devices can support this? Will an older Samsung Ant+ native support this? I’ve got a still somewhat functional Galaxy S5 phone still lying around I could try to use as my dedicated device. But I’ve gotta make sure that isn’t glitchy since it has it’s own issues.

I typically use my own personal phone to run the app as I try not to use the work cell for anything outside of well, work (exception is for GPS use).