ANT+ on Android

I usually run TR/Z on my Samsung S8+ tablet, with an ANT+ dongle. However, with the most recent OS update to UI One 6.0, ANT+ no longer works. I’ve confirmed it’s the OS (dongle works fine with a computer, same behavior regardless of app), and I’ve talked with TR support who said they know of one other user with the same problem.

My power meter is only ANT+. I prefer to use a tablet - it’s just a lot easier to move around, and I don’t want to put Z on my laptop.

Does anyone else use an Android-based tablet that still works with ANT+ even on the most recent update to Android? I’m now toying with the idea of buying a tablet just for trainer usage. I’d prefer not going iOS.

I’m based in the US, if that makes a difference.


I use an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge to make my old ANT+ gear still work on Bluetooth only devices. 4iiii makes a heart rate strap called Viiiiva that does it. There’s a standalone little device called Cable but I think their config app is iOS only. There may be others out there

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I got a USB adapter for the android and down loaded USB drivers from the Play store and it works fine. My Android is relatively ancient though (2019 IIRC).

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to the best of my knowledge, iOS will not do ANT+. I too have an old Android so that may not be the best option. The 4iiii is only unidirectional, it receives ANT+ but is not Ant FEC (does not control the trainer). North Pole make the CABLE which has been superseded by a new device WYÛR WYÛR – North Pole Engineering this will talk to and receive. I think this may be the thing you are needing then your Android can work in BLE mode.


Thanks! Yes, I was just looking up CABLE and found that they’ve moved to WYUR. I think you and @nathan are right - that’s going to be my solution. Thanks to you both!!

If you download the ANT+ Tester from Playstore: it will tell you what you are missing to establish ANT+ connections. I had to download the ANT+ plugin/drivers to make get dongle work on my Samsung S6 tablet.

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Thanks, I have both the ANT+ Radio and ANT+ USB apps, and ANT+ used to work. It stopped working after the latest OS update, so I really think that Samsung broke something with this OS update.

For what it’s worth, I’m using a Galaxy Tablet with ANT+ fully updated and it’s working fine. It is an embedded chip and not a dongle though.

Galaxy Tab A (8.4", 2020) - purchased new old stock for $100 specifically to run TR via ANT+ for a dual / Zwift setup.

Update: I received a note from the TR Support Team to try something different - in the apps settings, change the “battery” settings for the three ANT+ apps (ANT Radio Service, ANT USB Service, and ANT+ Plugins Service) to “Unrestricted”. I did this, and magically my ANT+ worked perfectly again! I have already ordered the WYUR and it is supposed to be delivered today, so I’ll have that for a backup, but it’s nice that my current setup will still work.

I hate it when OS updates change these settings and it’s nearly impossible to figure out. So glad the TR team was able to come up with this suggestion!!