Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ ANT+ issue


I have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet. I have had issues pairing it with Trainer Road, in that the ANT+ is “off”. When I go to turn it on, it asks for ANT+ dongle. …
I have installed ANT+ radio , etc from Google play.

I have run Trainer Road on my Samsung Galaxy tab S4, and my phone S20 .

My question, has anyone run ANT+ on a Galaxy Tab S5 or Tab S6 ?

I called Samsung and they swear up and down ANT+ is installed. I ran Ant tester, ( as per Trainer Road tech support), and it comes up that ANT+ not build in. Also the Tab S7+ (along with the Tab S5, Tab S6) dont show up on the thisisant directory.

Samsung told me last night that ANT + was not factory installed on my Tab S7+ and I have to send it back. I am wondering if Samsung is trying to pass off ANT+ compatible (with external dongle) vs ANT+ build in. Which would be a step backward from the Tab S4 that I have now.

Now I wont get a new “replacement” Tab S7+ until October, and will have to set it up all over again.

Has any one experienced something similar ?

All help is welcome. Thanks

i know that for my PHONE the galaxy s8 it does have the ANT+ “radio” installed and same thing goes for all the S series up to the recently announced s20 FE.

I don’t know about the tablets though. There were like 6 different model numbers for the TAB S7+ on the samsung website but the one i randomly chose didnt have the connectivity to ANT+

So if you enter your model number under after clicking “mobile devices” and then open up full specs you’ll be able to see what’s what.

But already, not having it show up on the “This is ant” directory probably means it never had it in the first place.
Good luck!


the new s7/s7+ and note 20 do not support ant+ at the moment. fairly certain the radio is physically installed, but the firmware support is not there. for me it’s a complete disaster as i traded in a perfectly good tab s6, which DOES have built in ant+ support, to get the damn s7+. contacted samsung dozens of times and they have no idea. they insist it’s there, so the only thing i can hope is that it’s coming in an update soon

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FWIW, my Tab A didn’t have ANT+when I bought it even though some models of the Tab A did. After one of the Android updates, it suddenly appeared and works fine. You are probably correct that the ANT+ hardware is already in place and is actually disabled in software.

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