Who else takes in 1000mg sodium per hour?

Title says it all. My sweat rate is 1600mg/L

I need to! I eat salt by the handful in the heat (I get a specific headache when I am short on electrolytes). During my rides, I am working the amount up, just like I did CHOs.

How much salt and how many ounces per hour?

500mg max. Never had a sweat test, though, so who knows?

I often suffer with bad hamstring cramps, how are you getting the extra sodium in?

Adding to drinks or an extra supplement?

I dunno about per-hour, but I’ll definitely slam a half tsp of salt before going out in a ride in hot weather. And over 3 hours I’ll make a point to buy something salty along with my drinks.

I will be doing at least 1000mg per hour Race time I preload 1500 the night before AND the morning of. Hot races I can’t keep up.

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I’m using Precision Hydration. They did a sodium loss test and I lose 1600mg/L of sweat lost so I aim to replace around 75% of that.

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Is this new or have you used this method before? How many oz do you drink per hour in the heat?

I have always done lots of salt. Really started measuring last year. I need 2 large bottles per hour at minimum. Don’t recall their volume but more than 500mL. I did 1.5L in 1.5 hours at one race last year, still was dry for the run. This was a hot morning of close to 80F and high humidity.

I started w Skratch. Then started adding salt capsules to increase sodium.

I struggle to get enough to drink during the off road races. Either w bottle or a pack.

I almost never eat out. We barely use processed foods so when training is or racing hard, I have to work to stay ahead of sodium intake.

I struggle as well to get enough sodium in during a normal day because of my diet. I’ve been adding pedialyte and I think that has helped. What do you use for carbs on your rides?