High carb high sodium mix

Is anyone aware of a drink mix that has higher carb and sodium? I cant seem to find one and im curious if there is a reason for that?

Ive seen multiple in the 90g carb 400-500mg, but those mixes that are primarily focused on electrolytes will go upwards of 1000mg sodium but only 10g carbs.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

PR packaged? No with that mix you’re going to have to make your own.

I do put about 1/4 TSP 1.25g of sodium citrate in my 550 mil bottles along with 90-100g of carbs. That ends up being 300mg of sodium.

I tend to split electrolytes and carbs as the demands for one almost never align with the other.


I figured. Thanks for the reply. I just ordered some sodium citrate!

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What is the ideal number of carbs/sodium you’re looking for?

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Somewhere in the 750-800 range on hot days.

what about carbs?

I’ve had really good luck with Skratch Labs over the past year. I typically buy one or two bags of their Hydration Sport Drink Mix and one bag of their Super High-Carb Drink Mix which allows me to create the best of both worlds depending on the conditions.

If it’s really hot out and I’m going to drink and sweat a lot, I use more of the Hydration mix. If I’m not going to be drinking more than normal (~500-750ml/hour), I still use a scoop or two of the Hydration mix, but top it off with the Super High-Carb mix to meet my carbohydrate needs.

Here’s what that looks like for my preferences:

SHC = Super High-Carb Mix
HYD = Hydration Sport Mix
“Skratch mix” = a mix of SHC & HYD

Just to note, you can see that some of these totals include food too. Again this depends on the conditions & ride type.

Also, don’t trust my math 100% :sweat_smile:

I’d use this as inspiration if you’re interested and make your own to ensure that you’ve got things dialed into your own liking & health needs.

P.S. They also make High-Sodium Drink Mix packets for those silly sweaty days. Proceed with caution! :warning: :ocean:


In the 85-100 range.

Cool. So then six scoops of the Super High-Carb mix + one scoop of the Hydration mix would get you:

722mg sodium & 105g carbohydrates

You could further refine this by using grams as your unit of measurement instead of “scoops.”

I hope this helps!


I’ve been using the high carb scratch actually and never considered mixing pre made mixes :man_facepalming:t3:


Flow Formulas High Sodium Flavorless is 90g of carbs and 1170mg of sodium.

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Trial and error (and @eddiegrinwald has done some of the work for you) is going to be the name of the game. Finding high carb that works for you and slowly bumping up the sodium on your own may be a good path. I find that mixing flavors can occasionally just end up bad. Making mistakes with DIY is cheap, making mistakes with pre-packaged can get pricey. That said I do both because as has been mentioned in other threads, homemade can be a bear to mix at home where we have tools and contraptions, oh and TIME. On the trail, the premix stuff works better. Still not perfect, but yeah better in that you won’t get a bottle clogged with a glob of maltodextrin.

Geluminati has 420mg of sodium per 60g of carbs. Meets your sodium at 90-100g pretty closely.

Yeah, I’ve done trial and error with carbs and sodium, but I’ve never mixed them together in one liquid. I’ve usually stuck electrolytes in the bottles and made my own sugar/water gels in flasks. I’ve learned that 500mg of sodium sits well and 1000mg+ causes issues. 85g-100g carbs seems to be the sweet spot for me.

I’ll play around with it and see what happens. Maybe I’ll try squeezing a lemon or orange in there just to make it a little more palatable. Thanks for the replies everyone :slight_smile:

I think the main reason why you don’t find a high carb/high sodium mix is sodium need is highly personal and also weather dependent, whereas carbs are not.

Looks like some people have led you down a good path, I still just supplement with Endurolytes as needed, because my needs change by day.


Salt or Sodium Citrate? Salt can cause issues a lot faster than sodium citrate does…in most people. I can tolerate 1000mg of sodium via citrate, but salt is a hard no for me. :nauseated_face:

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Great question…the drink mixes I’ve tried with 1000mg of sodium were with sodium chloride not citrate.

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Yeah I’ve tried LMT and woa, yeah that’s not gonna work for me.


Yeah, I’ve tried Mortal Hydration and LMNT…they both wrecked my stomach. I’ve done liquid IV at 500mg of sodium, but I just noticed they use sodium citrate. This is something that I’ve overlooked. It could just be issues with sodium chloride beyond about 600mg. The Mortal Hydration with 460mg of sodium (chloride) sits well.

I guess I’ll citrate it up and see what my gut says.

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@Dr_Alex_Harrison gets the credit. I wouldn’t have even know that sodium citrate was a thing one could use if it wasn’t mentioned in a Saturday AM YouTube video and as switch in the app.

:star: For the good Doctor.