Are You Carb Loading Wrong, Macros, Electrolytes, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 439

(0:00) Welcome!
(02:01) Are you carb loading incorrectly?
(13:41) Do you need to drink electrolytes if you eat enough sodium before and after training?
(26:12) What is the best macronutrient ratio for getting faster on the bike?
(37:52) Should you not count calories consumed during training?

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No Sweat Test Here, but Saturday AM App has upped my game with stress on adding sodium over the course of workout/ride rather than just a big pile of salt. Gotta dose it in.


Related to todays podcast, saw this graphic yesterday on my X/Twitter feed:

Let me know if anyone can’t see it, and I’ll post a screenshot.

The bottom timeline illustrates the ‘winning in the kitchen’ approach that I subscribe to.


This was a good podcast for me. Appreciate Alex sharing some specifics and Jonathan throwing in some real world anecdotes.

Sweat test done in 2022 by Precision lHydration and I require 1100mg per hour. Which was a huge eye opener as I was consuming 400-500mg per hour previously. I used to always struggle in the heat and feel recked after hard workouts and rides. I can’t express how much better I now feel, particularly in recovery.


Jon, in answer to your poll:
Sweat test by Levelen:
1645 mg sodium/hr in 72F 70% humidity indoor 90 min workout
Salt stains on hot days
Cramps in road or xc races at 90’ to 2h mark. Without fail. Like clockwork. Digital flexors in foot, vastus medialis followed by biceps femoris always in that order, left first then right every time.
Have never cramped in any workout, long non-race pace outdoor ride (including Death Ride), races <90’ (cx, crit, TT <= 1h) regardless of weather

I guess this image speaks to cumulative training demands and no single session operating in a vaccuum.

Dr Laurent Bannock discusses this quite extensively -