Which workout to add to low volume SSB

Hey all,

I’m new to indoor training with power, and last week started the sweet spot base mid volume plan. I didn’t have issues with the work load from a muscle / power standpoint, but feel like I might have introduced too much TSS too soon, as I noticed higher than usual mental fatigue, and greater irritability throughout the week.

I’ve decided to drop down to sweet spot base low volume plan starting week two, giving me more flexibility for adding a weekend ride, or adding another workout as needed.

I’ve scheduled my workouts Monday (moderate), Wednesday (hard), Friday (moderate), with the intention to add a Saturday or Sunday outdoor ride weather permitting.

My question is, if the weather on the weekend isn’t cooperating, and I want to add another workout for Saturday lets say, how would you go about choosing which indoor workout to add?

I’m thinking I would add the Sunday workout from sweet spot base mid volume plan, or a variation of it, but worry about adding too much. Should the added workout only be endurance / tempo?

Appreciate any insight, and loving these forums!


It’s a bit of a loaded question - because if you add the TSS that you subtracted out by going from mid to low you’re likely to end up in the same spot that you were with mid. As such I’d recommend sticking to adding in a relatively low TSS ride - stick to endurance - no more than 40 TSS/hour

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When I first started with TR, I kicked off with low volume SSBI. I found that I was eager to do more work. I stuck to the low volume plan through to the end of the block, but on days off when I wanted to ride I usually grabbed the corresponding workout from the mid-volume plan. As noted above, the risk is that you end up back in the spot you’re in now. So, you could look to the workout variations of the ride you’re looking at and do the lesser versions (-1, -2, etc) so they are less work. Or, just find a workout you like and repeat it whenever you feel like doing something extra, I like Pettit for this since it’s just an hour and isn’t too much work.

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I add in an aerobic endurance ride to low volume SSB. My plan is similar to the mid-volume without the 2nd weekend ride. ~ 300 TSS/week.

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Appreciate the responses. I should note I would only be adding the extra workout if I was feeling fresh and that I had adapted to the weekly tss. Maybe around week 3 to 4. I was thinking along the lines of having it be a low tss endurance type of ride. Great idea on using the lesser variations (-1, -2), as the original Sunday workouts from the mid volume SSB plan might be too much. Alternatively it looks like the Wednesday workouts from the mid volume plan could be a good choice also, as they are generally low intensity and aerobic.