Adding TSS to low volume plans

Hi all, I’m currently doing SSB2 low volume, but I want to add the occasional workout, without the commitment of mid volume. I’ve been doing additional riding on Zwift, either after a Trainerroad workout, or on a rest day, however my power data reveals I always end up doing the majority of the ride in zone 3.

This does add a good chunk of TSS, but would it be more productive doing Pettite in zone 2, or an additional sweetspot workout? My thinking is that it would avoid the ‘no mans land’ of zone 3.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

If you are new to structured training, doing low volume and adding in true zone 2 rides if you have time is a great strategy. I wouldn’t add sweet spot. The biggest mistake people seem to make is doing low volume and supplement with outdoor group rides that end with lots of zone 1, little zone 2, and the rest zone 3-6. That will burn you out. If it’s a true zone 2 outdoor ride go for it. Or do anyway TR zone 2 endurance ride.

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Plenty of people have gotten a lot faster on low volume plans. From reading the forum and listening to all the podcasts, I would say most people who don’t make the gains they want do too much not too little. Ask @Nate_Pearson how high volume worked for him :grinning:

Start conservatively and stay consistent.

Take a look at some TB plans and cherry pick some workouts there. I really like TB and did a lot of those plans this year and my fitness definitely improved.