Which work out to drop?

Hi folks,

Newcomer to TR training and really enjoying having a structured work out to follow - makes it very easy. Trainer goes into ERG …watch some netflix in background and ride!

I’m up to Week 4 of Sweet Spot Base (Mid) and I’ve found that so far I’ve been able to complete 4 rides each week - not the 5 that are in the mid volume program.

(Reason is simply time and being able to plan. 3 young kids (including a newborn) means that i get on the trainer when I can …so I’m pretty happy with 4 sessions a week!. I’ll be aiming for the 5 sessions, but reflecting on the evidence to date …it will often be 4)

My question:
Is there a workout that I should skip (if I need to) each week, (i.e the easier second workout of the week in Sweet Spot 2)? At the moment it tends to be the Sunday workout (i.e last workout of the week).

Thanks in advance!


Yes; exactly. If you’re going to skip a workout, it is best to skip the easier ones. That would imply the traditional Wednesday or Sunday sessions. The harder (sweet spot) workouts are where you get the best bang for your buck.

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The Sunday workout - though not necessarily high in intensity - brings you quite the training impulse. IMO definetely drop the short endurance workout (Wednesday). I would even drop the Thursday workout before dropping Sunday.

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Drop the short recovery ride or Sunday. That’s a similar question I asked for the same plan, however I am only dropping for a ride outdoors. Not all together.

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If you are time crunched and coping ok with the TSS I would personally ditch the easier mid week rides like carter or petit and shuffle the rest around to fit in with your schedule.

although the weekend rides are usually the longest in terms of time.

So, approximately

45 min time saving = 3O - 40 TSS loss
90 min time saving = 90 - 120 TSS loss

Difference is a mix of workout intensity and time, so you could mitigate this by still dropping the Sunday ride but switching up the easier midweek 45 min rides to a more intensive version with a higher training load. EG bear creek -4 (although this O/U workouts are tough!)

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Thanks all for the responses … and the consensus view makes sense … drop the easier mid week ride if there’s one that needs to be dropped.

And @mike091979 - I found that thread you referred to. That was helpful.