What Workouts for Twice a Week Riding

Executive Summary: After completing Sweet Spot Base I and II (LV) and General Build (LV), I think I’m ready for a bit of break. I’d like to go from 3 days a week to 2 days of about an hour each. While I know there is no plan for this, I was wondering if there were 2 to 6 workouts I could just cycle through for a couple of months.

I’m not a racer or even much of a group rider. I signed up for TR for some combination of general fitness and to get a bit faster. It was always hard balancing TR with my regular workouts. Apparently, there aren’t enough days in a week (that I’m willing to dedicate to workouts).

Also, the introduction of TR three days a week led to too much weight loss. I know I could fix this in the kitchen, but life is just too busy right now to “focus” on this.

I guess the crux of all of this is that I’d like to be a bit lazier the next couple of months, and I’d like to do it while losing as little of the gains I’ve made as possible.

Thanks in advance. Also, if this isn’t compatible with TR, I’m ok with that as well. I’d still appreciate any advice anyone has for where I should go for it.



Checkout the maintenance plans:

Pick a couple a week. That would be my approach in your situation.

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Thanks @bbarrera. I’ll look at those tonight to start next week. I appreciate it.