Which session to drop

I’m doing a low volume TR plan which works out to 3.5 hours a week (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). This works out to a VO2 Max, Threshold and Sweet Spot session every week. I can only realistically manage 3 sessions a week.

I also do 1 outdoor cycle at the weekend which is typically a 2-5 hour ride depending on what else I have on. I am preparing for a long (200KM hilly ride in summer this year).

So the question is, if I am going to drop one session, which one should it be?

I wouldn’t drop any, Id do Tu, Wed,Thu and rest for your outside ride or if its a Sunday outdoors ride Tu, Wed, Thu (Rest), Fri, Sat (Rest) & Outdoors Sunday. But if you must drop one, Id drop the VO2Max one, it raises the roof (your FTP), the other two maintain it.

I’m guessing the outdoor ride is an longer endurance ride. In that case I would drop the sweetspot workout. If the terrain around you allows it, you could also combine the outdoor ride with one of the workouts.

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I have the same issue in needing to drop one workout. I drop the sweet spot. I ride 4 times a week but leave 2 with intensity and the other two as endurance.

What are your goals for training?

Primarily to complete this monster cycle in a reasonable time (200km / 3500m of elevation).

Well since all options have been named, you see it maybe doesn’t matter that much which to drop.

With your goals, a higher FTP would help you most. You’re probably not going to do very hard efforts or ride time trial during the event. So just following your plan, doing some progressive quality workouts, will give you some great benefit.

Personally I would keep the VO2max session and any of the other (myself the sweet spot). Just you have some variation of effort levels.