Which weekend day to replace TR session

When doing ssb1 medium volume. If I have the time at the weekend to do just one 4hr outside ride and have the option to do it on either the Saturday or the Sunday. Which day would be the TR session to replace with the outside ride ? Saturday or Sunday?


The plans recommend replacing the Sunday SS session with a longer endurance ride if preferred. If you dive into the ‘Week Tips’ they suggest alternatives for Sunday sessions with endurance workouts, so no reason they can’t be done outside.

Looking for something a little less intense and don’t mind some extra time in the saddle come Sunday? Have a look at Town Hill or something similar.

Either day would be fine though - if you want to ride outside on Saturday, go for it - just complete Saturday’s interval session on the Sunday.


I’d skip that Sunday ride. Keep in mind if you move the Saturday to Sunday, you might not be as fresh compared to other weekends.

Fantastic. Thanks Luke!!!

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