Which TR workout plan after joining from Zwift?

Hi All,

I am fairly new to TR, having used Zwift for a while. I like the idea of more flexible/transparent workouts and training plans that TR offers. Having completed 2 Zwift workout plans (12 week build me up and 4 week FTP Booster) I am ready to start a TR plan. However, I am not sure, whether I should start with a Base phase plan or go directly to the Build phase. I simply struggle to determine whether the Zwift workout plans have prepared me sufficiently for the Build phase in TR. Do you guys have any experiences here or is there a test / methodology to test that my performance/training state are sufficient to get real benefits from a Build phase plan?

Thanks for any advice


What are your goals and timing to any relevant events or races?

If you are not pushed for time, I would recommend starting with the TR Sweet Spot Base 1, and Low or Mid Volume, depending on your prior experience with indoor training and your desire to add outside rides (Low is recommended for this).

Then move on to Sweet Spot Base 2 (this gets missed sometimes), and eventually on to the Build and Specialty phases of your choice.

There are notable differences between the TR & Z plans, and I think you will be well served if you start with the full TR Base experience.

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