What plan to start with coming off a training plan from another platform?


I’ve just finished the “Build Me Up” plan on Zwift, and are making the to move to TrainerRoad.
Quite varied plan, and I’ve been doing around 400-550 TSS the last 6 weeks with a few added rides in addition to the plan. Plan lasted 11 weeks, and my FTP increased with about 10.5%.

I’m not training for any specific events, just want to become fitter and faster. Mostly focusing on climbing. Was thinking of starting with the Sustained Power Build mid volume. Got a cycling vacation coming up in 7 weeks, so won’t be able to fully finish it before that. And outdoor season here will start in about 3 months which means less training indoors.

Does it make sense to start on this build plan, or would it be better to start with a base plan which also seems to have a high level of sustained power work?

If you are not training for any specific event I would do the usual sweet spot base 1 and 2 first. Then progress onto build from there.


As above from @Torinhowe, and because you have 7 weeks to your vacation, I think the 6 weeks of Sweet Spot Base 1 is a good fit for that.

If you really feel ready to hit hit harder, you could start with Sweet Spot Base 2. But recognize that there are some very real differences between the Z & TR workouts and training plans.

You might be surprised at the difficulty of the TR setup, so it may be wise to look at the plans and workouts carefully, in context to your prior work and see what is best for you.


I also did “Build Me Up” before starting HIM base on TR. So I agree with the above. SSB1 is a good place to start since you don’t really have a date or event that you need to finish training by.