Halfway through plan on competing platform, do I have to start from scratch in TR?

I used to be a TR user, but then switched over to a virtual island called ‘Jarvis’. Have been following TR ever since though. I’m now at a point that said island (and its extensions) are not fulfilling anymore, especially on the workout end (the social aspect is great, but time is limited so I’d rather spend it wisely, than joining a sub 2 pack ride).

So I’ve decided to come back to TR. However, I’m 9 weeks into the zwift - Build Me Up plan. When coming to TR is it best to start from scratch, or can I seamlessly flow into one of the plans, e.g., skipping a couple of weeks forward, or going to phase II? What would be the recommended approach here?


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Do you have a target event or season that you are aiming to be peaked for performance?

If so. You should identify the current time gap to it and report back.

I don’t have an event singled out, but want to be ‘at my best’ by early May.

“Best” for what exactly?

We need some specific event type or fitness goal to help identify possible choices for your needs.

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If you could clarify what you’re hoping to be good at, I’d be happy to help direct you to a suitable plan :slight_smile:

Are you a road rider?

  • Do you like long, sustained endurance rides?
  • Are your hills rolling and variable?
  • Are you looking to win the town-line sprint?
  • Do you ride long, extended climbs?
  • Are you looking to be a manace on your local 2-3 hour weekly hammer-fest?

Are you a Mountain Bike Rider?

  • Long distance cross country?
  • Trail rider?

Looking at this (if it’s still up to date?) I’d say you can safely jump straight to Sweet Spot Base II and skip SSB I.
Probably mid volume?
If possible get your previous weeks loaded into trainerroad and check the TSS to compare it to their plans.

Will leave the finer planning details to the pro’s.

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Many thanks for the input already! Sorry for not being more specific.

Just road riding here, I want to be at my best for weekly group rides with 6-10 people and which are about 2 hours in length. They mostly include flat terrain, with the occasional short hill. Hills can be punchy with gradients up to 10%, but are never long with all of them being less than 1km climbing. More like 5 times 5-6 minutes climbing, then flat again. Next to that, there is the occasional 100km-200km ride, about once or twice a month, but those are mostly ridden solo and focus on endurance. Obviously, it would be nice to get faster at those too, but I hope to get that for free via improving on the shorter work.

So yes, I am “looking to be a manace on your local 2-3 hour weekly hammer-fest?” :sunglasses:

According to my latest step test (Oktober) my ftp is around 295 watts for 81kg of human flesh. Loading my rides into golden cheetah shows around 200-250 TSS/week since oktober for about 4-6 hours of riding. I am good doing three rides a week and occasionally manage to sneak in a fourth one, more than that and the boss starts giving me the stink eye. 2018 was my biggest year so far, breaking the 10.000km border.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a power meter (yet) on my outside bike, but heart rate is always recorded.

Many thanks for thinking along!

So, early May means around 16 Weeks.

Option #1:

  1. Consider that your prior Zwift training plan serves as your Base.
  2. Start TR with the General Build, Low or Mid Volume (8 weeks)
  3. Finish with the Climbing Road Race Specialty, Low or Mid Volume (8 Weeks)
    • This specialty focuses on more sustained efforts, but with some punches that are present in a road race.
    • You could use the Rolling Road Race Specialty, Low or Mid if you want more “punchy” responses and less sustained efforts.

Option #2 (and my preference):

  1. Start TR with the Sweet Spot Base II, Low or Mid Volume (6 Weeks)
    • This will make darn sure that you have the proper base to go into the TR plans, that can be more demanding than other plans.
  2. Continue with General Build, Low or Mid Volume (8 weeks)
  3. Use the Climbing Road Race Specialty, Low or Mid Volume (8 Weeks) as a rough guide for some workouts, but do outside rides and efforts as needed to replace the planned workouts.