Which phase gave you the largest FTP gains (poll)

As there is quite a lot of questions on the matter but no real math, I thought it would be good idea to throw in a simple statistic into the mix to give people a rough estimate.

Hopefully most of you have already gone through all 3 phases so there should be some clear cut info on the matter :slight_smile:

So, when did you see your biggest increase? Which phase yielded the best results for you?

  • Base Phase
  • Build Phase
  • Specialty Phase

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Let’s hope TR reveals this data someday

Coach Chad has already mentioned it somewhere in this now-behemoth forum. But I forget his answer. May the search function be your friend.

I wonder if there might be a bias towards Base for all the people new to structured training. Following the patern of big gains at first then dropping off.
This is probebly different for those having been through a few years worth of structured training.


and even if you’ve been doing it a while I would think that base phase would see the most gains because you’re largely reestablishing physiological adaptations that have fallen off rather than forcing new ones.


I guess also one thing to keep in mind is, that basephase is longer than the other phases

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I do love a good vote.


Can we get this data in minutes per watt gained in FTP / IF or something? :slight_smile:

Where’s the “Other” option – i.e., working with a coach and not using a canned plan?

I’m the wrong person to ask for that info.

@hollandgdavid I would think so as well, but then again in most threads I see there is the always repeated mantra that it is in fact the Build Phase that gives best results. Not sure whether it is just something people keep on repeating without actually checking the data, or whether in fact there is some merit to it.

Oddly enough as @mcneese.chad pointed out, even coach Chad stated that it is not Build but Base where most people see best results. So not sure why people keep on telling that line. The above vote does go into that direction as well (by a small ish degree but still).

I’m kind of curious now whether the best way to approach maximizing one’s gains is to maybe do 2 full blocks of SSB back to back, then go into Build and beyond :thinking:

@pcort but then again is reestablishing gains actual gains? :wink: If my ftp last season was 315 and over the winter it dropped to 302, then now after reaching 320 are my gains only 5 watts (from my best 315 last season) or 18 watts (as the start for this year was 302)?

I’m of the opinion gains are over the course of the season, not a comparison from one peak to another.


I just started TR 4 weeks ago as my first foray into structured training so I had to vote Base. I’m wondering if this is skewing results.

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Anyone know it it’s possible to see results without voting?

Doesn’t seem to be an option with current settings.

As of now:


Having a most ftp gains during the base phase makes sense, as the first ramp test is typically not a good measurement for current state and the more experience you get the better you are at testing.

It would be interesting to add a “none” option to the vote. :crazy_face:


Do you know if I can edit it to show the numbers?

I see something of this sort in the functions section: [poll type=regular results=on_vote chartType=bar] I’m assuming it’s the ‘results=on_vote’ section which would need to be adjusted, but to what?

Although a very experienced cyclist I had never used structured training before TR. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve but my advice to anyone new to interval based training would be to do at least two blocks of SSB1 before proceeding to SSB2. I think the lack of experience in performing ramp tests combined with the potential for a large jump in fitness by simply undertaking consistent training sets people up for a very difficult SSB2, as can be seen in posts on this forum.