Which Build Phase Plan yields the greatest FTP gains?

Assuming all plans are followed correctly, can someone at Trainerroad tell me which “build phase” plan yields the greatest FTP gains for the average person? I’m not interested in thew snowflakes out there.

I know you have the data!

Thanks guys, love the product.

Don’t know what the data says, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s whatever you are worst at. If you’re naturally good at V02 work, I would guess sustained power would be best. FTP is holding (1) a high intensity for (2) long durations. If all you care about is FTP, you need to be comfortable with both inputs.

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I think the common answer with regard to purely FTP is to go sustained build.

But I guess there is an individual component also and it depends on where your FTP is related to your VO2Max…look up the discussions on pushing FTP from below vs pulling FTP from above. So I think there is no one fits all answer. There are smarter people here on this forum to go into more detail.

Additionally you might want to look at what coach chad said here:

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Bumping this thread as I excitedly plan 2021 and haven’t seen much FTP development after 1st year of TR.

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