Where should I start after injury?

Hello all. I had a bad Quadricep injury (bad sprain) about 3 weeks ago that required me to use crutches for a bit. After the 1st week, I was able to walk, but with a severe limp and did not have full range. Starting around the 2nd week, it got better and I was able to walk (toddler walk) up and down stairs. Now, I can walk normally up and down the stairs, but with a slight limp, if you will and I can still feel a very slight pain (nothing severe though) in the front of the thigh and I have full range with my leg. I plan to get back on the trainer this week.

What workout do you suggest I start with to ease back into my routine?


It sounds as if you are still injured.

You can try a Recovery week workout and see how your injury responds. I would only do a 30 minute workout and see how you are doing that workout and how you are the next day.

Good Luck


Thanks. It’s mentally tough having to be patient.

After a few calf pulls I have started traditional base to see how my calf responds. Both times I only went through the first two weeks and then jumped back into a base plan. Always check with doctor before doing any exercise after an injury though.

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I did lots of Taku and West Vidette. Also, created some custom workouts that were short but stepped the intensity up just a tad. I did 2 30min workouts a day for a week, then went up to 45min-60min workouts the following week. Lots of foam rolling and using the therastick. Plenty of general mobility activities also to actually build back up the strength and assist with some remodeling.

I had a pelvic fracture with a whole bunch of bruising a muscle injuries. Took 5 weeks off, but it didn’t take long once I got started back.

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I would schedule nothing more than 3 days of something like Pettit and see how you quad responds…adding any intensity would only set you back possibly.

Then if you feel OK, go to 5 days.

Then maybe a week or two of a TB plan and go from there depending how you feel.

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What base plan did you go to?

Thanks. I hope it doesn’t take too long to start rolling again. I think I am going to not ride this week and wait until next week.

Pettit was the 1st ride I thought about when I entertain getting on the trainer. That is my go to workout when I don’t feel so good, but need to get in a workout.

One of the tri plans. I believe it was olympic distance.


Update: I sat out for a month or so to let the quad heal, but it is still not 100%. I got in a couple low intensity training rides during that time, but nothing consistent. However, I decided to start back training via Traditional Base Training (low volume) this time vs Sweet Spot to get ready for the year.