Restarting training post injury

Hey all,

Recovering from a grade 2 hammy pull. Got cleared to start training in two weeks. Thinking about starting with SSB high volume. I have a good base but haven’t trained in about a month. Should I start with traditional? Appreciate any insight here! I ride gran fondos and have one end of June as an FYI.



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I have had a knee issue for the passed 7 weeks and am now cleared for training. I was wondering something similar.

My plan is to complete SSB LV1, then at the two week mark introduce long outside aerobic rides on Sundays. Then when complete I will move on to an altered version of SSB I & II somewhere between MV and HV.

I suspect my injury may be more significant that yours (purely based on the duration) hence the conservative return.

I have completed HV before, I would only advocate trying the HV plan if you have completed it before without injury and with high adherence to the plan. The plan is significantly harder than MV.

I guess the question is whether the risk of rushing your return to the sport so you can perform better at the Grand Fondo in June is worth the chance of prolonging your injury? That’s something only you can answer.

I had a severe hamstring injury that took me out of everything for 3 months. Then light PT directed only activity for a month. Then I could start on the trainer. 10 minutes and I was wiped out. Built quickly but was hard.

What level of exercise are you cleared to return to? What level were you at before the injury? I personally would build up and not jump right into a high level of exercise. Of course, I am 48 and recovery takes a little longer.

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