Coming back from a knee injury, Tendinitis. 7 weeks off

Any advice for this start over. I am back healthy again and cleared to ride. Thinking of a week of easy and then back to training. Thoughts?

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Depends on your age and level of fitness. I went through this last fall. I started out very gradually with easy 30 min rides for the first 2 wks, followed by Traditional Base 1 and 2. Leg has been good, but some aching after trying Nate’s method of toe touching. Currently about to start SSBII LV. I’m 64 yo

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I am literally in the exact place as you! I have had 7 weeks off and start SSB today. The hardest part for me was the disappointment. I completed my ramp test and have only lost 19w. My physio has suggested training 3x a week for the first block so I plan on doing. SSB LV I => SSB MV I and II.

Before I reached being able to ramp test, I kept trying to do rides like Mount Field because I was asymptomatic but caused the symptoms to return. In the end, I found I could complete Pettit every other day. I wish I had crept through smaller workouts until I found my breaking point rather as I would have lost less fitness. For example, Taku -1, Taku, Carter, Pettit -1, Pettit, once you can complete Pettit asymptomatically, consider stepping onto a plan.

This allows for the “off days” to be centered around exercises your PT have prescribed.

One piece of advice I read was: your PT work is now your training plan. This for me was a shift in mentality from PT is a chore to PT is my training. This really helped.

Regarding the mental aspect: I found an app called Headspace has a series of guided mindfulness mediations on Rehab. This has helped me with the stress of the process. I might have a free 1 month code if this is your thing.

Another thing I have found useful, is to keep really complete notes. After a ride, how was the pain during riding? was my knee stiff? how do I feel walking about after? Can I complete a full squat after?

Very interested in hearing peoples advice.

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