When to plan strength training during the week, and during the day?

Hey trainerRoad, I have a few questions about when the best time to schedule strength training into my week is. For some context, I’m a 24 year old male triathlete, training 12-14 hours a week. I’ve always heard the saying, “Keep the hard days hard, and the easy days easy.” Does this mean I should plan the gym sessions on days that I have harder/higher intensity bike and run workouts? Go hard on those days and really recover on the easy days?
I have also heard of the competing pathways that strength training and endurance training use for adaptation. I don’t want to do a hard bike workout, and a hard gym session on the same day if I’m not going to get the maximum benefits from one or the other.
Also, once you choose the days to do the gym sessions, is it more beneficial to do the bike/run workout in the morning and strength in the evening, or vice versa?


If you haven’t seen them, here are two thread with plenty of info to get you started.

Thank you! These were very helpful

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