Incorporating strength into a build program

Any advice rolling something like a Body Beast or a Liift4 program into a full distance trainer road plan? Loose plan at this point is to jam the weight program into the week leaving the heavier endurance alone on the weekend. Recongize this may lead to a few missed workouts but overall increase in performance and overall strength. Any advice from experience would be appreciated.

Completed Liift4 while Full Base and it wasn’t too bad. Leg workout on the difficult bike strength day and find a spot for the rest. I’m an age grouper, and a pretty slow one. I’d say back of the middle of the pack.

Do you work out in the morning or at night?

Seems like weights after bike is best

Just understand your adding tss when lifting and might have to make small changes

Gather advice, experiment, and figure out what works for you (helpful right?).

Here is what works for me:

  • 5 days on the bike (M-Off, Tue-Hard, Wed-Easy, Thur-Hard, Fri-Off, Sat-Hard\Long, Sun-Easy\Long).
  • strength\yoga Tue,Thur,Sun post ride.

The type of strength training depends on the season (focus on strength in the winter, maintenance in the summer). I typically dial back the intense rides to 1-2\week in the winter to accommodate for the more intense lifting schedule.

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Thank you. I plan to ride in the morning but if that gets delayed I will make the time later in day. If I miss am weight session - it usually gets missed.

Scroll down to the bottom and read the recommendations. Researcher has it listed nicely


Thank you. Good to know. If I read this right I see weights on the harder days. Seems reasonable to go hard on hard days.

I generally lift as the second workout of the day after a bike in the morning, usually a harder bike day and definitely don’t lift on a recovery day. Ideally with as big a gap as possible. E.g. Ride before work, lift after. Also try to make strength gains during the base phase and then move to more of a maintenance routine during build and race season.

I think with strength training a little goes a long way if done consistently. 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week is enough for me to make decent strength gains and notice the benefits in terms of durability and injury resistance.

Thank you.

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This really helps and I like the “plain english” part. I can extrapolate from this information. I’m not really a “cyclist” but the concept I get. Adding a weight program that calls for 5 a week is just too much to add to a triathlon progam. I might just double the length and do 2.5 strength workouts per week. Maybe I won’t the maximum endurance athlete I can be, but might look a little better in the race photos! Thank you for the link.

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