Strength Training Calculator

Enter your weight and gender to calculate a list of exercises based on your rider type of Climber, Sprinter or All-Rounder.

Current Weight




Back Squat

Bench Press

Barbell Row


Military Press


61kg / 135lb (5 reps)

41kg / 90lb (5 reps)

33kg / 72lb (5 reps)

33kg / 72lb (5 reps)

5 reps

16kg / 36lb (5 reps)


82kg / 180lb (5 reps)

61kg / 135lb (5 reps)

45kg / 99lb (5 reps)

45kg / 99lb (5 reps)

10 reps

29kg / 63lb (5 reps)


123kg / 270lb (5 reps)

102kg / 225lb (5 reps)

74kg / 162lb (5 reps)

74kg / 162lb (5 reps)

15 reps

45kg / 99lb (5 reps)

How to Use These Benchmarks

These benchmarks are aimed solely at endurance athletes concerned with enhancing their endurance capabilities, improving their basic quality of movement in day-to-day life, decreasing their likelihood of crash-related injuries, and decreasing their odds of bone mass loss and related diseases and decreasing the rate of muscle loss that takes place with aging and/or disuse–these standards won’t stand up when leveled at dedicated strength athletes.