When to increase workout intensity vs. rating easy/moderate and picking higher level workout next time

Earlier today I completed Geiger (Sweet Spot 4,5) and rated it moderate, as I could definitely have done another interval if there were one.

That got me thinking though. Surely not every workout is supposed to be as hard as I can possibly complete, except for perhaps VO2max and anaerobic work?

So at what point does one decide to use the intensity toggle to up the intensity of a workout? Versus just completing the workout, rating it as easy or moderate in the workout survey and opting for a higher workout level the next time a workout in this category is planned.

In this case it was a sweet spot workout, so how hard should these feel? I’m only on my third week using Trainerroad and some of my progression levels have yet to settle, so I have been picking stretch workouts for the last few weeks. Not sure how far to take this though.

SS work should feel:

  1. 5-6/10 RPE for the whole workout.
  2. Legs slightly burning, lungs not burning at all
  3. Deep and even breathing, no gasping
  4. Intervals require a little focus to maintain power, i.e. you can watch a movie for the easier SS workouts.
  5. There is no question in your mind that you can hold this power for 30+ minutes at a time.

If you’re following TR’s protocol, just let it’s AI handle the progression levels as you complete workouts. The danger of bumping up intensity is that you could burn yourself out over the course of a few months. This is what happened to me, I felt the workouts were too easy and kept adjusting up the intensity. Then it became a requirement, i.e. if I wasn’t bumping up the intensity 5% I was “failing” the workout in my mind. Eventually it caught up with me and I burned out hard after a few months.


What he said :arrow_up:
I’ve felt the same way and I usually rate sweet spot moderate. I Have wanted to rate them easy but like stated above. That could lead to over doing it down the road. I’d rather do less more often than do too much and start failing workouts. It’s all about staying consistent.

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I’ve been wondering the same thing but with an additional alternative. On a day when AI has scheduled SS or maybe endurance, would you opt for a similar TrainNow (SS or endurance) but a 15 minute longer duration?