Progression Level Changes

Today I did Grampians which is a 4.1 sweet spot. I killed it! My previous PL for was 3.1. It did not elevate my current PL sweet spot number and said it was only a 3.1. I am confused. Could someone explain please!

How did you rate the completed workout?

  • If you selected something like 4 Very Hard or 5 All Out, it may not give any PL change.
  • Some have even reported stalled PL with a rating of 3 Hard.
  • The rating aspect is a part of the overall AT process, as is any background research TR is doing in the workouts.

First I said moderate. Then figured that maybe the rating had to do with it so changed it to hard…no change so it is currently moderate whisk is accurate. I did however extend the warm up 5 min and ended my workout before cool down because I needed to leave.

  • Theoretically, this is ignored by TR so it should not be related.
  • Assuming you got the “Pass/Success” survey (from 1 Easy to 5 All Out), I don’t think this is a problem.
  • If you get a really short workout, you may get the “Cut Short” survey that asks why you didn’t complete the workout. This doesn’t sound like what you got for the survey.

May be best to email to see what they can tell you, by looking at the data we can’t see.

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Before the end of the last interval?


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I had the same experience. Yesterday I completed Tray Mountain, a 6.9 Sweet Spot-training of 90 minutes. I killed it and even exceeded the TSS- and IF-levels.

Afterwards I rated it as “hard”, not surprising given the nature of the exercise and I had to focus to complete it, although I was never in any danger of not completing the effort. “Moderate” just didn’t seem appropriate.

Although I finished the training with flying colours as it were, my PL for sweet spot remained at 6.9… No elevation whatsoever.

What does one have to do to get one’s PL elevated, one might wonder :wink: ?

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