When to add +num or -num

I’m on SSB and wondering if I’m feeling a bit livelier can I do a +1 or +2 in a workout? What’s the way other folks approach the variant workouts?

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Ask yourself the question - what do you want out of the workout?

More volume? Or more intensity?

Then check the workouts and look carefully at how they differ. Do the intervals get harder / longer / more numerous? Do the recovery intervals get longer or shorter?

Some - workouts might be harder than the original because they cram the same amount of work into less time. And some + workouts may not be harder, just longer but lower intensity.

Quite often none of the variations cover exactly what I’m looking for, at which point I head over to Workout Creator.


You should be fine to add a bit of a +1 or +2 here or there if your feeling good, just keep in mind that SSB is 5 weeks of work so dont over do it and tire yourself out too much for the last couple of weeks.

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