Adjusting training plans

Hi all,

I’m currently following SSB low volume II.

I’m wondering if it is meaningful to adjust the training plan in the following way:

for example week 3 training one is “Mills”. My idea was to replace mills in this case for Mills+2 and so on for the rest of the training sessions.

Is this a correct way to boost the intensity of the training without adjusting the structure of the schedule or does anyone here have other suggestions?

Yeah, picking the alternative versions is a great way to experiment and add volume, intensity or both.

Give it a shot and see how it goes.

I’d say that it depends on how the workout changes between alternative versions. In some cases it’s a change in volume (i.e. interval length or number), and so these are are a great way of increasing TSS while targeting the same systems. Other alternatives change the intensity rather than the volume - I’d be a bit more careful when switching to these workouts as they may shift the workout into a different target zone (e.g. Endurance to Tempo), and thus move away from the desired outcomes of the workout.