Issue: Scheduled Workout and Actual Ride Syncing

I had the three-hour Billy Mitchell ride scheduled and I did the a three-hour ride outside more or less following the same format (the five intervals were a little longer and a little harder): aren’t they supposed to sync automagically? What am I missing and what do I ought to do so that it happens next time?

TrainerRoad Sync


Anybody from the team can please help out?

Best to email for that.

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Ok. Is the merge supposed to happen, though? I am not sure anymore.

It has been a while since the last time I rode a workout outside that matched the scheduled workout: is this actually supposed to merge by itself. Maybe it never did and is not supposed to.

(I have had long rides on Saturdays that didn’t follow schedule so I never really expected those to merge.)

If you complete the outdoor ride as an outdoor workout using your Garmin or Wahoo head unit, then the rides should merge automatically.

If you completed it as a “free-ride”, even if you completed the intervals, you will have to manually associate the ride.

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If I have the ride scheduled for today and complete it as an outdoor workout they merge, I just have to rename the ride so I know which one it is. If its a free ride it won’t merge.

That being said, yesterday was a “rest day” but I decided to do the next day’s ride anyways as it was a beautiful night. Since Geiger was already in my wahoo scheduled rides for the following dayI just picked it on my bolt and away I went. When it uploaded I still had Geiger in the calendar the following day and the ride that I just did.

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I see. I’ll try. Thank you!